health care reform

begin with the end in mind …

Farr Curlin discusses Jeffrey Bishop’s book The Anticipatory Corpse … In The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying, physician-philosopher Jeffrey Bishop argues that modern medicine has adopted a “metaphysics of efficient causation”—a focus on the immediate cause of things that ignores their ultimate purpose. As a result, medicine now takes its […]

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safety in hospice …

… Casarett and colleagues’ article cautioning against misapplying routine safety measures in the hospice setting. Fundamental differences include goals of care (comfort not cure), longevity (days to months not years) and primary caregivers (family and friends not trained health care personnel). A follow-up article would address safety measures that are appropriate and specific for hospice

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more than policies and procedures …

Curry et. al. demonstrate that an organizational culture of trust and teamwork is the foundation for high performing quality patient care. “ … achieving high performance may require long-term investment and concerted efforts to create an organizational culture that supports full engagement in quality, strong communication and coordination among groups, and the capacity for problem

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