curiosity and desire …

Manuel Jimenez Prieto (Aranda) (1848-1904) – Visit at the hospital. Jean Martin Charcot (probably) auscultates a patient. Oil on canvas, 1897

“Medicine was born as an Art; it has been defined by scientific features only after Hippocrates. Science itself, anyway, is bounded to art. They share the same claim: to know the essence of reality using synthetic formulas, which express the meaning of reality. Improvements in scientific methodology and a growing body of notions do not substitute the intelligence and the freedom of the self, committed in the process of revealing the world; they rather provide the self with means to perform the process of knowledge more efficiently, which has started since the dawn of human experience. This is why it is not enough to learn from books, but we need a teacher … Amazement, curiosity and desire are the ingredients which make learning effective.” Bianchi et al in Journal of Medicine and the Person

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  1. The painting you are referring to is ‘La sala del hospital en la visita del médico en jefe, 1892’ by Luis Jiménez y Aranda (Spanish, 1845-1928) and is in the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain, Europe.

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