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Paul Klee Treppe und Leiter 1928 (Stairs and Ladder)The ‘work’ of dying involves the restoration of our relationships – our relationship to ourselves … to others … to God. Luigi Giussani tells us why this is so difficult today … … “Mathematics, the sciences, and philosophy are necessary for the evolution of man as history. They are fundamental conditions for civilization. But one could live very well without … knowing that the earth revolves around the sun. Man cannot live, however, without moral certainties, without being able to form sure judgments about the behaviour of others toward him. This is so true that uncertainty in relationships is one of the most terrible afflictions of our generation. It is difficult to become certain about relationships, even within the family. We live as if we were seasick, with such insecurity in the fabric of our relations that we no longer build what is human. We might construct skyscrapers, atomic bombs, the most subtle systems of philosophy, but we no longer build the human because it consists of relationships.” Luigi Giussani The Religious Sense p. 19.

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  1. Ancient wisdom spoken anew: “Moral virtue can be without some of the intellectual virtues, viz. wisdom, science, and art; but not without understanding and prudence. Moral virtue cannot be without prudence, because it is a habit of choosing, i.e. making us choose well.” (St. Thomas, ST, Ia-IIae, q.58, a.4; http://www.newadvent.org/summa/2058.htm#article4)

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