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Palliative Care Perspectives(online edition here) … by James Hallenbeck MD … an excellent introductory text to the field of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Comprehensive, entertaining, readable in a weekend.

UpToDate has good sections on hospice palliative medicine topics … including “Hospice: Philosophy of care and appropriate utilization in the United States”; “Palliative care: Benefits, services, and models of care”; “Communication of prognosis in palliative care”; “Cancer Pain Management with Opioids”; “Cancer pain management: Adjuvant analgesics”; “Overview of managing common non-pain symptoms in palliative care”; “Psychosocial issues in advanced illness”; “Overview of comprehensive patient assessment in palliative care”;

Fast Facts and Concepts from EPERC – Medical College of Wisconsin … over 200 brief (1-2 pages) summaries of key concepts and issues … annotated … referenced … practical, common-sense takes on everything from prognosis specifics to opioid use to differentiating grief from depression.

VitalTalk … communication skills on-line resource.


Palliative … with a very active bulletin board that provides help for tough cases.

American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine … the national hpm physician’s organization.

Center to Advance Palliative Care … a plethora of resources related to hpm.

Pallimed … an hpm blog … e-prognosis …  the section on prognosis and the Arts & Humanities section.

Cherny database … Nathan Cherny’s database of over 30k references related to hpm … downloadable.

Palliative Care Journal Club … updates regularly.

Pain Management Series … from the AMA with CME available.

Hospice Referral and Care: Practical Guide … a nice intro to hospice care for clinicians.

Completing a Life … an excellent resource for patients and their families.

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