peer coaching …

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the importance of friendships at work. In this piece, former surgeon general Vivek Murthy discusses our epidemic of loneliness (made worse I’m sure by the pandemic). Peer coaching is a great way to begin to address this. Find a colleague you trust and start talking with them.

What do you talk about? … debrief critical incidents in your lives, share one dream/vision goal and 2-3 things you are doing to attain that, share a virtue you hope to improve (listening well, not overcommitting, being present with family/friends) and 2-3 things you are doing to get there. Other ideas here.

How do you talk? … listen, get their whole story out, ask “What else?” and “What next?”, avoid the temptation to give advice, key is to ask questions, this is not a gripe session.