hope … certainty in the future …

… based on the strength of a present reality.

“Engendering hope is important, because it helps the patient to confront the uncertain future.” Kylma et. al. summarize hope engendering interventions … affirmation of patient’s worth, working with the patient, considering the patient in a holistic sense, nurse’s reflection in action.

Affirmation of the patient’s worth – communicating positively with the patient so that the patient’s intrinsic worth and value are affirmed … unconditional acceptance and tolerance, being present to the patient, friendly and polite, respectful, honest, genuine.

Working with the patient – creating a partnership, taking time to talk with the patient.

Considering the patient in a holistic sense – focusing on life while facing the future of a shortened life, focusing on everyday life in the present moment, keeping an open perspective, assisting with goals, giving emotional support, engendering a sense of joy, supporting their positive attributes, sharing their worries, supporting their hopes, facilitating expression of spiritual beliefs and practices, providing information needed, participate in creative art, helping with relationships.

Caregiver’s reflection in action – the presence and application of self-awareness and reflection within the caregiver.

(adapted from Table 3 p. 370 – Hope in Palliative Care: An integrative review. Pall Supp Care. 2009: 7; 365-377)