approaching reality with humility …

How do you manage everything? How can you be one person in the face of all of your achievements and goals, being a manager and a mother and running your father’s foundation? 

You gave the answer: being one. I am not different when I am here, or when I am a mother, when I am a wife, when I share my friends, or when I am at the office. Of course, I do not do the same tasks, but I am the same. I try not to change who I am. I have my strengths and weaknesses and I admit it. I would say that there are two things that helped me a lot. The first was to be humble because, when you are humble, you ask for help. I know that I cannot do everything, so ask for help from my children, my husband, and the people on my team, and guess what? They are happy to help me. The second thing is having a sense of humor because you will always make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes, not your successes and if you can laugh about it, learn from it, life becomes easier.

from an interview with Clara Gaymard – CEO GE France