robin rogers – new blues cd – tops the charts …

… as she has enters hospice care … an interview with links to Robin singing “The Plan” … “What We Are Worth”.

from the NPR interview …

Rogers’ background could have come from a blues song. She was a teenage runaway who slept in abandoned cars and abused alcohol and drugs. She says she’s been sober for 20 years, and that the 12-step program that helped her as an alcoholic is helping her with her new struggle.

“I’m trying to come at it from all angles: spiritual and physical and mental,” Rogers says. “It’s a lot for a person to be told they have a year to live. I catch myself thinking about the past and looking to the future.”

from “What We Are Worth” …

Well, we all need somebody to reach us and touch us,
To hold us and hug us, tell us what we are worth.
If I fall to the bottom, will you try and save me,
Or would you leave me laying lonely and hurt?

Baby I’ve been walking the good path,
I thought I knew my way,
I have a map, but I still got lost,
That’s when I started to pray!