autonomy … control … unhinged?

Discussing the many psychological and spiritual maladies of our times, John Waters suggests the root problem may lie in our failure to recognize our utter dependence …

“The desire to impose order on the universe and to become unsettled at our inevitable failure to do so may be ultimately a symptom of the expression in our collective mind-set of a compulsion to take over from a God we no longer acknowledge, or at least no longer fully trust to take care of such things on our behalf. In the modern world, saturated with unbelief, this can afflict both believer and unbeliever, humble citizen and godlike celebrity alike. Denied the certainties that informed the serenity of our ancestors, we feel increasingly pressured to occupy in our own lives the throne where once we would have acknoweldged the presence of our creator.” (p. 109)

Beyond Consolation – John Waters

(Somerville has similar sentiments)