we have many words to express our woundedness…

… burnout … compassion fatigue … brokenness … emotional fatigue … stress … anxiety …

The paradox is that it is only through our woundedness that we are able to heal others.

Frank Ostaseski discusses here. (scroll down a little to “Too of ten in care-giving …”)

Rachel Remen discusses in a previous post.

Leonce de Grandmaison’s “Prayer for the Heart of a Child” begs for a “wound that will not heal until heaven.”

Prayer for the Heart of a Child

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

preserve in me the heart of a child,

pure and clean like spring water;

a simple heart

that does not remain absorbed

in its own sadness;

a loving heart

that freely gives with compassion;

a faithful and generous heart

that neither forgets good

nor feels bitterness for any evil.

Give me a sweet and humble heart

that loves without asking

to be loved in return,

happy to lose itself

in the heart of others,

sacrificing itself in front

of your Divine Son;

a great and unconquerable heart

which no ingratitude can close

and no indifference can tire;

a heart tormented by the glory of Christ,

pierced by His love

with a wound that will not heal

until heaven.

– Fr. Leonce de Grandmaison