Hospice Elective Rotation

The hospice rotation is a combination of clinical experience, readings and encounters with art & literature. We will meet early in the rotation and review your goals and discuss the various opportunities available.

Clinical Experience

Rounds at VC-SF Hospice Unit

Home visits – RN, SW, Chaplain

Palliative Care Consults

Referral (initial hospice contact) Visits

Interdisciplinary Team Meetings


write up 2 patients per week – using ‘8 Domains of Hospice Palliative Care’ (link to instructions)




"Hospice: Philosophy of care and appropriate utilization in the United States";

"Palliative care: Benefits, services, and models of care";

"Communication of prognosis in palliative care";

"Cancer Pain Management with Opioids";

"Cancer pain management: Adjuvant analgesics";

"Overview of managing common non-pain symptoms in palliative care";

"Psychosocial issues in advanced illness";

"Overview of comprehensive patient assessment in palliative care";


Communication Curriculum

Buckman Communication Series

Board Questions


Art & Literature

film – Wit; Diving Bell & Butterfly; Ikiru; Red Beard; Dekalog 1,2,8; Last Farm;

literature – Death of Ivan Ilyich; Burnt Out Case; Chekhov ‘Medical Case’; Diving Bell & Butterfly; Mr. Ives’ Christmas;

music – Chopin b minor waltz; Chopin e minor prelude; see tag ‘music’ this web site