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face to face visits (summary)

We follow the patient and their family, walking with them to a place of safety and comfort where they are better able to do their unfinished relationship work.

The most important factor the physician brings to the clinical encounter is our presence – the act of being fully engaged – attentive, receptive and responsive – to the patient, family member, caregiver, staff member who is ‘in front’ of you right now.

Our attitude is absolutely fundamental…We bring an attitude of humility, openness and wonder to the process. We are present. We sit down & listen. We do not have all the answers. Humility – Listen to our patients. Listen to our families and caregivers.Listen to our nurses, social workers, chaplains, health care aids and volunteers. Do what they tell us. Openness – We cannot control death. Death is a natural process that we shepherd. We set the table for a good death. Wonder – We work in wonder before a Mystery much greater than we. In humility, openness, and wonder we set the table for a good death, lead the team, and provide our patients, families, caregivers and staff with the resources and tools they need.