suffering is inseparable from love …

January 31, 2012

in Spirituality

… or love from suffering … because love is the self surrender of someone to another and this self surrender requires that we really die to ourselves in order to live in and through the other. The mystery of iniquity is the resistance to this. There is something in us that knows that that is the case but we resist it. And I think the redemption of suffering occurs when that suffering is … turned from isolation to an opportunity to experience love. Jesus does not eliminate suffering [but] transforms it … redeems it … ties it to the experience of love. We cannot in this kind of world love without suffering. That is why we may not have answers when someone says “Why?” … I don’t know. But I will be with you … I will risk sharing this question with you. This solidarity in suffering changes its meaning and in the end love triumphs … if there is someone there saying “I will be with you.”

Lorenzo Albacete on Charlie Rose (at 41:48)

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