Prayer for enemies …

June 9, 2011

in Spirituality

Throughout my career, I’ve seen how personal conflicts can intensify in emotion when people continue to think the worst about one another. When this happens to me, I begin my campaign to pray for those who are angry at me or who may be trying to harm me. At least three times a day, I ask that the Lord enter their hearts, show them His love, and bring them to Himself. The response is absolutely remarkable. A great majority of the time, the person for whom I was praying will show a marked decrease in hostility within days. He’ll approach me and say, “I don’t disagree with you as much as I thought I did. Maybe you’re not such a rotten punk after all!” … from the 9th of Robert Spitzer’s  “Short, Spontaneous Prayers that Really Work”.

Audio of Fr. Spitzer discussing forgiveness …

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