Make good come out of whatever harm I might have caused

June 2, 2011

in Spirituality

If we harm someone intentionally, we need to ask that person for forgiveness. But in trying to clear up harms and possible harms, we often find ourselves powerless. Sometimes, I give advice that I think will be quite fruitful, only to realize at 3:00 in the morning that I might have really blown it. At such times, when I pray this prayer with confidence and trust, I can sense the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of the people I might have harmed. My confidence is often confirmed when the “victim” comes up to me days later and says, “Fr. Spitzer, when you said X I really took it the wrong way. But the next day I woke up and got a very different insight into what you meant.” … from the 7th of Robert Spitzer’s  “Short, Spontaneous Prayersthat Really Work”.

Audio of Fr. Spitzer discussing forgiveness …


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