what musicians can teach doctors …

March 24, 2011

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… Frank Davidoff in a recent Annals of Internal Medicine “Music Lessons” …

“Recognition of music’s laserlike focus on performance could help us regain a more appropriate balance in medicine between knowledge and performance (between knowing and knowing how).”

Perfect practice makes perfect … “Endless performance without feedback drifts into stagnation, whereas endless reflecting and conceptualizing without performance wanders off into pedantry. Unfortunately, mastery of coaching in medicine is still not seriously taught, rewarded, or studied. It must be.”

“The key here is the nature and quality of the practicing, not just the hours spent; its essential element is mindfulness, being really present while practicing, rather than mechanically repeating motions. The single most important piece of advice on practicing is ‘listen’ …” (Reminiscent of Walker Percy admonition … “Listen to your patients … They will tell you not only what is wrong with them … but also what is wrong with you.”)

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