caring for those with dementia …

August 5, 2010

in Hospice & Palliative Medicine,Journal Club

… an excellent resource for family and caregivers of those with severe dementia. Very practical. Excellent explanations and discussion.

“Learning to sit in silence and use the five senses during visits takes practice—it does not seem natural at first. A new kind of relationship may be what your loved one needs at this time. Your visits may actually be very meaningful for your loved one—and for you. In her memoir, Ann Davidson writes about visits with her husband with Alzheimer’s disease living in a care facility: ‘Whatever song I begin, Julian quickly hums the tune. If I abandon expectations of meaningful exchange, and don’t sink into the greater gloom of all that has been lost, these moments feel fine. Emotional connection is what I value most in friendships, and it’s amazing how, in our odd little way, we have this still.'”

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