welcome everything … push away nothing …

June 2, 2010

in Hospice & Palliative Medicine,Spirituality

Frank Ostaseski’s Five Precepts of Service lend a strong foundation to the work of accompaniment …

The First Precept: Welcome Everything. Push Away Nothing.

In welcoming everything, we don’t have to like what’s arising. It’s actually not our job to approve or disapprove. It’s our task to trust, to listen, and to pay careful attention to the changing experience. At the deepest level, we are being asked to cultivate a kind of fearless receptivity. This is a journey of continuous discovery in which we will always be entering new territory. We have no idea how it will turn out, and it takes courage and flexibility. We find a balance. The journey is a mystery we need to live into, opening, risking, and forgiving constantly.

(listen to Frank here)

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